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Training in Decorative Paint Techniques

Book yourself on a 5 day certificate course, or if you cannot spare the time, book day 1 & 2, or day 3 & 4, or day 5 separately.

Today people are more aware of interior design and than ever before. We have by now grown tired of plain solid-colour surfaces and are ready for elegant and unique ways to embellish our homes.

Decorative painting is not only meant for the professionals who keep their “trade secrets” to themselves. The profesionals now share with you their knowledge such as paint formulas, application techniques and material sources. Thanks to tried and tested recipes and simple application techniques, it has become much easier to learn and master these age-old and new methods of creating unique living environments.

Creating your own finishes is lots of fun and tremendously rewarding, whether it is an exiting technique on walls, giving dull furniture a new lease on life or adding style and colour to interior or exterior spaces. It is also a viable alternative to what could be a costly affair if you appointed a contractor.

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